Learn Languages with Music


Learn by playing!

 Practice listening and reading while discovering great music!

 Supplement any other language course or program!

 Four ways to play - pick your favorite or play them all!

 Gift songs to friends and get gifts in return! (if you have nice friends)


 English for Spanish speakers

 Spanish for English speakers

 English for Japanese speakers

 English for Portuguese speakers

 Spanish for Portuguese speakers

 English for French speakers

 English for Indonesian speakers

 More languages coming soon

Why Learn Languages with Music?

Ever tried to learn a language, but found it boring or hard? Lyriko is full of beautiful music and fun challenges. You'll be amazed how quickly you start to:

 hear separate words and those hard-to-catch endings and conjugations (-s, -ed, -ing)

 train your ear to recognize a range of correct pronunciations, improving your speech

 remember the meanings of word and phrases connected with the stories of the songs

 unconsciously internalize word order and some grammar through addictive repetition

 It'll be fun! Let's start together!

Four Exciting Ways to Play

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