【Technical Difficulties】

Q:I can’t hear the song!

Are you using an Apple device with a side switch near the volume buttons? That can mute the game, so try switching it to the other position. For both Android and iOS, is your volume up? Most phones have several different volume sliders – one for ringer, one for media, one for notifications, etc. The media volume slider controls the volume in the game, so look for that in your system settings if for example your ringer is all the way up but you can’t hear the music.

Q:I signed up, but I can’t sign in!

Check your email for a link to activate your account, then try signing in again. You may need to check your spam folder, in case the activation email went there. If you still can’t find the email, please contact us and we’ll activate your account (support@lyriko.com)


Q:I love the music. How did you find it?

We love it, too! We scoured the web, listening to thousands of musicians and came across these amazingly talented artists. We’re excited to share their music with you.

Q:Why don’t you have my favorite song?

Well, we might have your next favorite song! Seriously, though, not every song is a good fit for the game. We’re looking for music with clear pronunciation and not too much sound drowning out the vocals. We also look for songs where many of the words can be connected to images. Some songs are easier than others, and we try to have a smooth progression from beginner to advanced. And, sometimes we just aren’t able to get the license.

Q:Why don’t you have more songs?

We’re working on it! We do a fair amount of manual tweaking to each song we add to the game, from translations to making phrases to tagging images to writing distractor words to making the matching beat visualizations. We think the end result is great, but it takes a bit of work.


Q:I can’t seem to ever get 3 stars!

It can be hard. To get three stars, you need to get 100% right. With some songs and some modes, that’s pretty tough. Try setting the speed to Slow and the difficulty to Easy, if you haven’t already, and choose one of the Beginner songs. If one mode seems much harder than another, let us know; we’re curious about that kind of stuff.