rhythm – ILU GRACE interview

We interviewed Kazu and Ayane from ILU GRACE, whose song “rhythm” is included in the new update to Lyriko for learning Japanese.


Masako (interviwer), Kazu, and Ayane

– How many people are in your group, and how do you work?
Kazu: Basically, it’s just the two of us. Ayane is the vocalist and plays the keyboard, and Kazu is the drummer. Ayane writes the lyrics and melody, and we both do arrangements together. We create the melody and lyrics separately and then combine them, but sometimes they both come out at the same time.

– Where are you from, and how did you meet?
Ayane: I was born in Miyazaki prefecture in Japan.
Kazu: I was born in Los Angeles, and then grew up in Miyazaki, too. We met in Tokyo through music events.

– When did you decide to become musicians?
Ayane: I wanted to be a musician when I was really young. I decided I wanted to be a singer when I was in second grade. My father was a jazz guitarist, and I started piano when I was four. Actually, my name, “Ayane,” has a Kanji character meaning “sound.” I started to go to vocal training school in high school, and sometimes I was on a radio program run by my teacher.

Kazu: I also started learning piano when I was in fourth grade, and I started drums in middle […]



We just released learning Japanese version!

Thank you for waiting! We just released learning Japanese version! Please download from these links, and let us know how you like it!


Why did we make a Japanese version of “Lyriko: Learn Languages with Music?”
For Japanese learners, it’s a big challenge to remember all the characters and learn both polite and casual expressions. Lyriko makes learning Japanese fun and relaxing! Because the writing systems are such a challenge, we broke them down into two stages:
Beginner uses only Hiragana and Katakana, with English transcriptions. These are the phonetic writing systems, with fewer characters.
Advanced introduces Kanji, supported by Hiragana transcriptions. Kanji has many more characters, but keep at it!
This release includes 17 songs from beginner to advanced level, and each song can be played in easier and harder ways.



Have fun learning Japanese!